12th International Master-Class for Classical Saxophone

12th International Master-Class for Classical Saxophone

Our Master-Classes, which started in 2005 have been a great success. A total of more than 240 students from 20 countries participated and had a very productive time. In order to get an impression please go to our internet homepage “www. saxophon-meisterklasse.de” and look at the “review and preview” page.
The goal of this master-class is to help advance the musical capabilities of young artists and to increase the interest of the public, the press and radio for the
classical saxophone. For that purpose three final concerts will be performed.

The specific musical goals for the active participants are:

  • Improvement of technical skills
  • Improvement of individual interpretation of music
  • Improvement of confidence in music and style
  • Active chamber music experience incl. quartet and ensemble
  • Together with the tutors the video-taped performance of final concerts to be  reviewed
  • Active concert experience through final concerts in front of public, press and radio.

There will be also hold a workshop by Vandoren about mouthpieces and reeds. Furthermore the teachers will give lectures concerning improvisation, Baroque music on saxophone, posture…

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Ort: Büdingen / Germany